Wednesday, 6 June 2012

On Stuff 06/06/2012

After a busy - in a good way - last couple of weeks and weekends, this bank holiday weekend was semi-planned as down time in which to do creative and/or productive activities, before spending a few days living like an animal and listening to music that would make most people's ears bleed - more on which below. In the event I've gone out more than I had expected, and more importantly played a lot of Diablo 3 when I haven't been out, so my guitar and word processor have received less attention than I'd have wanted. Compulsive Hack and Slash games - an apt name for the genre that both pre-dates and trumps ARPG, by the way - and a lack of discipline are a terrible combination. So here I am on the last day before I head to Download Festival, remorsefully knocking out posts I'd hoped to already have written. I'm not sure I have any point to make other than acknowledgement of my own failure, so there it is.

On Metal

I love metal. It's an endlessly ridiculous pantomime that by many metrics I take very seriously indeed. It's a vastly stupid genre of music that I often love for its technicality and intelligence. It's as idiotic and ugly as it is clever and beautiful.