Sunday, 13 May 2012

On Stuff 13/05/2012

The Crushing and Inevitable Weight of Reality Bearing Grimly Down, For Real This Time

Previously I wrote that, with caveats, my blog posting output hadn't been too shabby compared with my stated aims, but March and April have been less than stellar months on that front, yielding a single, solitary post each. In March I was away for a little while, and generally had a busy time of it, while April has been a less than stellar month on pretty much all fronts, something that I don't plan to talk about here except to say that I should have a bit more time for blog output in the future and I haven't lost my job. Go figurise.

What's annoying is that I have had ideas, but lacked the time or energy to write about them, and alleviating that situation was, I think, my biggest motivation for starting this blog. Here's hoping that in the coming weeks worthwhile pieces can be moulded out of my festering, deeply suspect idea-putty, or at least that I try to do so and decide for good that some of it smells a bit off and probably needs to go in the bin.

On Neverwinter Nights, Part 2

Part 1 Here

We're assembled. Despite busy schedules and copious distractions, Harry, Tim and I have managed the not inconsiderable feat of all being online at the same time. A probable trio of classes have been decided upon (Fighter, Sorcerer, Cleric), builds examined, stats pored over, arcane D&D nonsense chuckled at.

Zhaine: I need to prologue

The norm is to zip through the tutorial/prologue section of the game solo, which boosts you to level three, before joining up for the main campaign.

I boot up the game. And it happens: I crash.

Zhaine: Er. . .
Zhaine: I don't want to alarm anyone

Sunday, 6 May 2012

On Bulletstorm and Modern Scripted Shooters

It's good to test and challenge one's own viewpoints, because sometimes you'll discover a fatal flaw in the received wisdom, underlying assumptions or logical reasoning that you were relying on for your malformed, small opinion. And sometimes you'll discover that you were right all along, of course, and ask quite why the bloody hell you just spend half a weekend playing a shooter you knew you wouldn't like.