Monday, 2 January 2012

On Blogging

I know I'm with the majority of people on this one, but I've never been able to keep even the few, feeble new year's resolutions I've made in the past, so what I say below is strictly Not One of Those. That said, the start of a fresh year does seem like the time to try and affect positive changes, so here goes.

My resolution, if it were one, is to actually post on this blog once in a while, with the subsidiary goals of seeing if I actually enjoy and am any good at writing, finding out if I can ever actually keep to self imposed deadlines and of course those stated in the sidebar to the right of these words.

So far this blog has consisted of one night's fevered and over excited rambling followed by months of silent procrastination during which I linked my first post to perhaps three people, but I hope and sometimes even believe, in this and many other things, that the future will be better.

I'm not sure if I'm damning myself with pathetically low or laughably over optimistic expectations here, but my current intentions are to post something of reasonable length (a thousandish words) at least every fortnight. If the mood grabs me, I have lots I want to write about and I find the time then it will be more; if the crushing and inevitable weight of reality bears grimly down on me then the forecast is for less.

Probable topics for 2012 currently include a quick follow up to my first post (having now read the piece that triggered it), some thoughts I had on games to suggest to non-gamers, a rant about being asked why I'm a vegetarian and a review of a three year old tower defence game.

One of them might even be good.

One of them might even get written.

Happy new year!

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