Wednesday, 6 June 2012

On Stuff 06/06/2012

After a busy - in a good way - last couple of weeks and weekends, this bank holiday weekend was semi-planned as down time in which to do creative and/or productive activities, before spending a few days living like an animal and listening to music that would make most people's ears bleed - more on which below. In the event I've gone out more than I had expected, and more importantly played a lot of Diablo 3 when I haven't been out, so my guitar and word processor have received less attention than I'd have wanted. Compulsive Hack and Slash games - an apt name for the genre that both pre-dates and trumps ARPG, by the way - and a lack of discipline are a terrible combination. So here I am on the last day before I head to Download Festival, remorsefully knocking out posts I'd hoped to already have written. I'm not sure I have any point to make other than acknowledgement of my own failure, so there it is.


Yes, Download, our yearly drunken adventure of metal music and general idiocy. This is my summer holiday, although it's anything but calm and restful: four days spent more often drunk than sober, with little sleep and bizarre diet of (excellent) Mexican food, rice pudding and chocolate chip brioche. It's equal parts joy and suffering, and is like nothing else I do. I had meant to write more about the festival itself, but ended up with a pretentious missive about the deepest - but not only - reason I love metal music in general. Not sure where that came from.

Unlimited Hyperbole

Final point for this miscellaneous thought splurge: it was lovely to be mentioned by Joe Martin regarding his new pod-cast, Unlimited Hyperbole. I didn't do much more than provide some (hopefully) constructive feedback, but it's always great to be involved in the production of something exciting and worthwhile, even in a small way. It's something a little different from any other games pod-cast I've listened to, with an interview style that leads to a more focused and coherent end product.

The first two episodes are out now and are both ace.

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